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Oklahoma City
Year Opened:
4 - 5
Growing to 4-8
Students of Color:
Hispanic 43%;
African American 16%



KIPP OKC South Community Prep uses the power of balance to strengthen head and heart. We challenge the minds of our students to bravely embrace productive struggle in relentless pursuit of academic excellence and love of learning. We inspire the hearts of our students to deeply know and love themselves and to uplift and push one another. We foster the knowledge, skills, and habits at the heart of a balanced education. We intentionally unite rigor and humanity to empower our students to change the world and their place within it. 


KIPP OKC South Community Prep cultivates an environment where students flourish. Students have an affirmed, positive sense of self, are engaged with learning both within and beyond the classroom, form deep, authentic relationships with others, are compelled to change the world according to their individual gifts and missions, and feel a sense of accomplishment as they grow and achieve.    


KIPP OKC South Community Prep is built on the belief that students who have choice, freedom and power achieve at high levels. We intentionally harmonize instruction to be culturally responsive, engage all students in critical thought, promote collaboration and student voice, and enhance command of academic language.  

How We Start Our Day

Each morning at KIPP OKC South begins with students engaged in Community Circle. This time together allows our students to proactive builds community with one another through greeting each other daily, sharing about their personal lives and identities, and engaging in a group learning or team building activity.  Community Circle ends each day with a mindfulness exercise to help students develop self- awareness, mental focus and inner calm through breathing, focusing, and stretching exercises.

Core Values

Each of our values, held in balance and harmony, ensure that students, families, and staff are strengthened in both head and heart as part of our learning community. These values are:

Identity: We understand who we are in strength, purpose, and heritage. We know that what makes us special also makes us beautiful and powerful. We love ourselves and are proud of whom we are.

Empathy: We seek to understand each other by honoring one another’s stories. Everyone is seen and heard. We know and value one another’s highest selves.

Ganas: We seek and face challenges with grit and optimism. We learn from our mistakes. We help each other rise to the top.

Excellence: We take pride in our work and try to be the very best. We are leaders for our community. We work hard to grow stronger and get better each day. 

Electives and Non-academic Programming

All students have choice to engage in a weekly Curiosity Hour led by teachers to enrich the academic learning environment. These elective courses rotate on a quarterly basis and this year have included the following: computer programming,  space exploration, healthy eating, fitness bootcamp, poetry, and Origami. 

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"Our students cultivate strong academic habits, awareness of personal strengths and challenges, and an insatiable love of learning that empowers them on their path to and through college."
Meg Wheeler, School Leader


Physical Address:
4505 South I-35 Service Road
Oklahoma City, OK

Mailing Address:
PO Box 776 
Oklahoma City, OK 73101

Meg Wheeler
School Leader

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